Appearing for Court with Videoconferencing

Please review these instructions at least 60 minutes prior to your scheduled hearing to avoid unnecessary delay.

If you are scheduled for an Initial Appearance, you must watch the Explanation of Rights video beforehand.

There are two sets of instructions below depending on how you will choose to appear.

1- Appear using a Desktop or Laptop Computer
2- Appear using a Smart Phone or Tablet

You can join the Morrow County Municipal Court's Meeting room about 5 minutes before your scheduled time with the link below or the meeting number listed, if multiple cases are scheduled, you may be connected to the virtual lobby until called into the meeting for your appearance with the Court. Please wait patiently until your case is heard.

Court's Meeting Room Number is: 794260136

Probation's Meeting Room Number is: 793504007

Note: If you were sent an electronic invitation from the Court for a specific meeting, use the link or meeting number in that email instead.